MacArthur Dentistry is your premier practice for all aspects of Dentistry. We specialize in Reconstructive and Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and of course we are here for your General Dentistry needs. MacArthur Dentistry is one of the most experienced dental teams in Orange county with over 60 years of combined experience, including a current UCLA Faculty. We strive to provide our guests with the highest quality of care through some of the most qualified doctors in California, the newest and best dental technology, and the friendliest caring team. As a family and cosmetic dental practice, we take pride in our tradition of combining art, passion and technology to create beautiful smiles that have brought joy and have thoroughly enriched the lives of our guests. We also offer general anesthesia and IV sedation through our partnership with Dr. Andrew Elmasri.

Dr. Charles Zahedi

At MacArthur Dentistry, we are very proud to have Dr. Charles Zahedi as our Implant Surgeon. Indeed, Dr. Charles Zahedi has been intensively involved with dental implants since 1990. Read more

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Charity Organizations

Dentists For Veterans

Most American’s are unaware of one of our nation’s saddest secrets. Our country’s most dedicated and honored citizens, our veterans, have not had access to free dental care as part of their VA benefits.Too many veterans have been abandoned with oral disabilities that are leading to additional health risks, such as malnutrition, oral cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, diabetic complications, depression, and dementia. These problems never made the “headlines”, but they exist and not only affect a veteran’s general health but also have an impact on emotional and psychological well-being through speech, laughter, and social expression.

Oral Disability Rescue

Approximately 1.3 million American nursing home residents face the greatest barriers to accessing dental care and suffer in silence as their oral health and dental needs are being neglected. Unfortunately, oral diseases are underestimated, ignored, or not detected until far too late, resulting in increased morbidity and/or mortality. Several studies have reported that, poor oral hygiene, inadequate denture stabilization, and many other dental/oral problems could result in medical problems associated with systemic and chronic diseases, such as oral cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, diabetic complications, malnutrition, depression, and dementia.