What Our Patients Are Saying

I have had dental implants for about six years. I had no trouble adjusting to them. My dentures no longer move around, and that helps me to speak more clearly. I have more confidence when I am talking face to face or on the phone. No longer do I get sore spots, and I have had no further bone loss. I can also eat what I want and I chew much better. I can’t begin to express my pleasure with them. They are great!


Coming to MacArthur Dentistry was one of the best choices I have made because I had to go through a great experience by working with professionals who all know what they are doing. The whole team  made me feel special and important. All the staff are nice and welcoming and the work Dr. Charles Zahedi (a UCLA Faculty Member and Instructor) and Dr. Michael Cooper did is amazing and outstanding. I am 120% satisfied with their work. People like Dr. Zahedi make differences in ones life. By the way, the fees were reasonable which is rare for an office of this caliber in Newport Beach! I would totally recommend everyone to come and experience it for themselves.

Ozra Z.

Implants are the best thing I have ever done. I’m so glad my dentist told me about them. For the first time in 40 years, I am able to eat steak and apples.


I was convinced to replace my missing teeth with implants because I would never get cavities or root canal problems on my implants. I got a written lifetime warranty from the MacArthur Dentistry Surgeon!


I can’t post enough positive comments about MacArthur Dentistry. The entire team lead by Dr. Charles Zahedi are true professionals. I’ve been to many dentists and there are many that are very good but this place is beyond great!!!! Thank you for the incredible work you have done including establishing a non-profit organization assisting our heros!!!

Frank B.

I have been a patient of Dr. Charles Zahedi for addressing my dental concerns for the past year and each visit is pleasant and I am impressed with his knowledge and expertise. They thoroughly explained each procedure and process.  The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable when visiting their office. I would recommend Dr. Zahedi to friends and family. I will be returning for any further work or regular check ups. The office is clean and well kept with beautiful big TV screens, playing calming video’s to make your experience soothing and relaxing.

Helen F.

My general dentist referred me to see a periodontist and someone I know recommended me to come here. The office design is beautiful, everybody is friendly, and they were willing to go out of their way to make me feel comfortable (they even have a massage chair to relax you before surgery). I am only in the preliminary stages of my treatment, but the dentist I saw, Dr. Zahedi, has an impressive background with implants and other oral surgery. His expertise became apparent to me when within just a few seconds after looking at my x-rays, he was able to tell me critical information about my gums and teeth that my current dentist NEVER pointed out to me–even though my current dentist has taken several x-rays and I have had many visits to them in the past few months! I haven’t met with the other two dentists that work in the office, but I have heard great things about them. Overall, I had a very positive experience at this office and I look forward to continuing my treatment with them and to seeing the results to come.

David M.